Encounters 3 - OttawaAirsoft at Red Devils Airsoft
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Encounters 3
July 28th, 2018

Gates open at 8:00am
Game starts 10:00am

Red Devils Airsoft, Kemptville, ON


Our 3rd Encounter this season.

Entry fee: $30

For Encounters we divide the day up into 3 sections when specific activities or tasks will be completed. The goal is to tighten up the action while still maintaining fast-paced fun. Of course there will be intel drops and possibly beach assaults, but we will be adding capture points and high value targets.

Communication is VERY important and squad play will be key in the tighter timelines so radios are HIGHLY recommended. $30-50 for a simple radio can make a huge difference in your team success. Communication has decided most of the events so far.

New players are always welcome and it is a great opportunity to be teamed up with skilled and veteran players.

Gates open at 8:00
Chrono starts around 9:30
Game starts around 10:00

Team armbands will be assigned when you arrive and pay. We will try to keep friends and squads together but may balance teams as necessary. If you don’t get to play alongside your friends, at least you can shoot at them.

Downed Pilot - Capture or Recovery (1 hr 15 min)

Pilot will be onfield before game start and in hiding.
After 15 minutes if the pilot has not been found, he will pop smoke to indicate his position.
Pilot will have a pistol to defend himself, once shot he will not move or fight back.
Pilot CANNOT move unless escorted.
Pilot must be returned to Rebel base or Seal extraction point.
Pilot must be held at the end of the game.

If either team holds the Pilot at base or extraction point, Sudden Death is in play.
No respawns, one life.

Rebels will launch as a large force from one point to search for the downed pilot.
Rebels will not have radios.
Rebels will have a few medic bands (rules below).
Rebels capture Pilot, return to base and hold pilot to the end.

Seals will launch in squads.
Each squad will have a radio (provided).
Seals recover pilot, take to extraction point and hold pilot to the end.

Medic wears band on arm.
Medic removes band and ties on arm of downed player to revive.
Revived player is now Medic.
Band cannot be passed back to the person who medic'd you.
If you are shot, you can wait for a medic to revive you or go respawn.
If you are a Medic and get shot, you go straight to respawn.

Morning break - reload, rehydrate, rethink your approach.

After the morning break, teams switch sides and replay Mission 1

Lunch break
Bring your own food. Gatorade is available for purchase.

Will be a longer round with objectives, intel and missions for points.

5 flag Conquest game for the afternoon -- 2 teams, 5 flags, intel and tactical gameplay.

Our goal is to keep the day action packed and fun, while giving you a chance to get ammo and drinks without impacting gameplay.

REMINDER: NO homemade devices (grenades, smokes, flash bangs, etc) are allowed on the field.

We reserve the right to limit the total number of players attending based on a first come, first served.
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