Old Army Guy Looking for a Ride: REVISED
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G'day Troops! I’ve revised this. I realized that all I have to do is get close and then hitch a ride from there.

I'm looking for a ride to airsoft. I'm ex-CAF (20 years) and I have been playing there since 2013, I just don't know enough airsoft players with vehicles, I only played twice last year despite having every weekend off. I had a regular ride, but it didn't pan out -- it's a long story (with tears). Please help. I’ll go to OHP or Commando.

If you can drive me, let me know when you're going to play and I'll let you know if I'm available for that day. Saturdays only (I'm old I need a day to recuperate before going to work).

Here's the drill, Troops:

1. OHP: I can be (for OHP) at Barrhaven Centre bus terminal (or for Commando) I can be at the Place d'Orleans bus terminal at 0700; with the Tim Horton's of your choice (driver only, within reason – no "one of everything, please" orders).

2. I pack my kit in such a way that if there isn't much room in the vehicle for a kitbag, my kit shakes out to smaller bags. I can carry kit on my lap, if I have to. Also, whilst travelling on the bus, my guns fit in the kitbag, so no one will see a gun case. I also have a small golf club bag that fits my SVD. (Don't want to upset the Saturday morning Civvie Crowd and attract the unwanted attention of the local constabulary -- they have REAL guns I hear.)

3. $20.00 cash money for gas, as soon as my skinny Irish arse hits the seat (so you won't have to ask for it).

4. If you wanna talk, I'll talk the head off you. If you don't want to talk I can shut my cakehole. (But you're gonna miss out on some cool army stories.)

6. At the end of the day: drop me off at the bus terminal.

Easy, breezy, lemon squeezey.

Please PM. Thanks in advance, Troops. Durty Dan

The Original Durty Dan
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(Played my first game of airsoft in Tokyo, Japan. Sugoi, neh?)
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PM sent

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