Operation Morning star - May 25-27
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The Broken Arrow Series Returns after a Year Long Break with Operation Morning Star. Taking Place in 1986 this event happens In Yugoslavia in the wake of Tito's death after 6 years of Political turmoil. NATO has been invited in to stabilize the country but the Soviet Union wants Yugoslavia Under Moscow's control. A Spetsnaz GRU Unit is trying to secure a landing zone for a Russian Invasion force inside the Serbian SR. NATO must stop it at all costs
Load your C7, Grab your AKM and be there!

Location: 279 Groveton Road, Spencerville Ontario, Canada K0E1X0

$30 for full 2 day event. May 25-27. Gates open 1400H Friday, scenarios starting around 1930H. Event will be completed no later than 1600H Sunday.

Teams include NATO, USSR, and Serbian militia

Uniform Guidelines:

NATO: Period correct uniform of any NATO power of the cold war, IE: woodlands, OD, flecktarn, dpm, etc. Solid colour non-molle tactical vests are allowed. Weapons should not have any attachments or scopes unless they are period correct. No Digital or multicam patterns.

Soviet: Period Correct uniform of any Warsaw-pact nation. Modern Russian uniforms and equipment are acceptable except digital or multicam patterns. Soviet participants will not have bases to resupply from and must carry all their equipment in for the duration of the event.

Serbian Militia: Period correct Yugoslavian or Serbian army uniform **OR** 1980's or 90's eastern European civilian attire (ie: adidas tracksuit, borat, etc.). Mixed woodland style patterns are also acceptable. Weapons can be anything from Russian AK's to ww2 German, though NATO weapons are discouraged.

For more information, check out the facebook page for the event:


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