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So, I've been out of the game a while. I played back in the days of OP:CT2, the very first games in Muskoka and when FoxDen opened (actually sad to see if gone - Rick was a pretty cool guy).

So, just looking for updates on Field Regs with regards to FPS. Back then, we played with anything that chronied under 450fps with .2s and was wondering if this is still the norm. Indoor games were usually under 350fps with .2s. Is this still the case at LZ and most outdoor games or should I be looking at M120 springs instead of M140?

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Outdoor fields general rule is under 400fps on .2s. Indoor games are under 380fps on .2s. Anything that keeps you under 400 is your best bet. M140 would probably be too hot although springs are generally now all measured differently based on manufacturer and your compression. BUt in the classical sense 140 will be too high for any automatic weapons. Bolt action snipers are still good with 450fps at most fields.

Information on Joule measurements for things like GBBRs and HPA can be found here:
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It is 495 fps for bolt action at OHP now, there, however, is a minimum engagement distance, though I have forgotten what it was.

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