New Firearms Regulations For Airsoft?
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I was just browsing around here looking up info for a PAL and found this little page on the CFC website. The revision date is April 2008 so I'm not sure exactly what's new on this page, but regardless I think for newbies it gives a good indication that the high-end airsoft rifles that we own are technically PROHIBITED devices.

Anyways, here's the site:
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Yeah, any information from 2008 has already been dealt with by now.

The best thing to understand is that Airsoft guns over 366 fps are classified as an airgun/pellets gun.

As such the rules of using a firearm for breaking the law, you will be charged, as if it was the real firearm.

Thus to those who are here to play, make an airsoft gun field legal, buy springs and reinstalling them into the box. To drop them to field limits.

Thus to transport, treating them like real guns and keeping them out of public eyes. Safety is number one for this group.

Hope that helps.Smile

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