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If you own one of this companies fantastic pistols, you will quickly realize the major fault was with a spare magazine you bough that leaked.

Though what they give in the box is fantastic. I have been a victim of spare mags that did more harm than good.

Well I am here to tell you that those days of KJ Works, are finally over.

Earlier Generation Mags Quality are cheap, no denying it. The Paint starts to ware off with a few games and if you're even more unlucky you will learn that the valve on these mags is the heart of the entire gun.

Cheap valves and O-rings are the major cause of their pistols malfunctioning. You will notice that the out of the box Mag with pistol works perfectly. There isn't a single problem, that's because these mags where tested with every pistol before they're shipped.

Quote:EDIT: You will also find that earlier mags have a weaker seal (because of brass/ or ridged rubber polymer content gasket that's between the stainless steel perpetration nozzle and the CO2 Capsule.) This can be deformed, because of smaller necked capsules do to the torquing pressure. (cross0man capsules). Though these mag will still work wonders with these capsules, wider neck capsules, on these deformed surfaces seals will leak.

Correcting this problem requires only a piece of Teflon tape. between the capsule and pen-nozzle.

Know the capsule difference
[Image: CO2-capsule-cap.jpg]

So why has it taken so long for KJ Works to fix this problem for good?

Cost. KJ Works is know for having an incredible pistol for a really good value. So how do you correct something like this? Bargaining with the supplier of valves.

Yes, it took 5 years, but out of the box on a Next Generation KJ Works Mag, this is what you can expect.

-A mat finish on the jacket of the magazine. Not a semi gloss finish that you would find on an Earlier Generation

- Same Stainless Steel Penetration Nozzle found on every CO2 Mag with a fine finish.

-Superior Brass bleed off Valve Fitting - No prime Time Thread in constantly with a smooth torque, results in minimal bleed off.

-CO2 Clear O'rings.

This last one needs explaining. Those that know KJ Works are aware that they originally used the same valve for both green gas and CO2.

As we and I say this as the community of airsoft. Collectively found that green gas has an oil which if perfect for in game lubrication. However, after long periods of storage. It's very acidic to aluminum, as a result some pistols have become worn. (Going to take a detour here marked with quotation)

Quote:One suggestion I can make to locals of Ottawa. Who store green gas pistols, and this is from a friend of mine in Kansas. Brass resists the corrosion of this oil, however aluminum will deteriorate over time.

In Kansas, they have a very dusty enviroment, which means green gas is the choice for their play. Abrasion from this dust is present still with this oil. As such the gas oil can penetrate the protective surface layers of aluminum rapidly. Which has caused this deterioration of aluminum to be enhanced. My advice which I will pass on to you, that we collaborated on together. Is to use a mild synthetic oil. (Low Acidic content) Such as Lucas Gear Oil and Assembly lucubrate. Even WD-40. Cleaning a pistol like you would from field use or for long term storage.

Dissembling the slide, wipe each key component, and spray/lather a rag with oil and wipe the pistol down.

This kind of service, is only required if you don't use your pistol over 4 days of use in Kansas. (Around 2.4 weeks here in Canada.)

The Clear O'rings are more septal to colder temperatures. As such they wear-out the least. However in cold or dry conditions over time and extreme expansion they do become brittle.

Which means they're perfect for these valves and cheap to replace.

With green gas valves, they count on this oil to produce longevity. However in CO2 applications they become weak because of dryer conditions and lack of oil. As such, KJ Works and the community have learned a lesson and KJ Works has made things right going forward with these improved valves, which are friendlier to mild synthetic oil.

Certain brands of CO2 capsules have oil in them too. There are a few companies; Crosman, C-Tac and Umarex. That know of this requirement and it's becoming more standardized. The listed companies, have small amounts of oil to protect your CO2 Pistol while you play (Which are listed from least, to largest). However over 2.4 weeks with out play. I would suggest prepping your pistol for long term storage or preform maintenance with [WD-40] if you plan to play in a few weeks.

Am I pleased with this change from KJ Works?

Yes. The CO2 community deserves reliability from an incredible Pistol company that has bridged the gap between CO2 and Green Gas.

Do you think other companies will follow?

Yes, WE tech has the market for many reasons, however I feel they're learning the mechanical robust side, that KJ Works has mastered already. So it's nice to see the company that offers varietals for both gases. Catch up to the North American Market.

So the best bang for you buck today, going forward, IMO is KJ Works. WE TECH is a great second place, and has the best Glock models on the market. I won't deny it.

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