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For those unaware fields like Ballahack, take milsims to a whole new level. New players can find it difficult to build or buy bb blasters that suit them. Others don’t want to try to do the legal reading involved to know where a purchased item falls on the legal side.

Today I want to present a chart that should clear everything up for current and new players. As well companies trying to import bb blasters to Canada. The laws about magazines were amended, so that mags with dummy rounds would be inspected across the border, all airsoft mags fall into a classification of neither dummy, replica or able to be converted.

I want to specify that the rules for fps limitations and joules are down to the field owners. So if you’re trying to build for a specific style of play. Check their websites and posts for information about the game types.

Now let's talk about the chart which is comparable to the countries like Japan, The United Kingdom and United States of America.

Why is 366 fps important?

It’s a Canadian Border Security Association policy. Items that produces < 366 FPS with 0.20 gram bb are deemed safe to use. However, it then gets flagged for a series of other checks which included replica checking. If the body is clear and see through to show the internals of the item at all times. It passes and is allowed to proceed through the border. If it doesn’t then it’s ceased by border officers.

However if it’s > 366 FPS with a .20gram bb or 1.2445 Joules. Included it’s < 500 FPS or less than 5.7 joules. It’s allowed to proceed through the border because it’s classified as an Airguns. If they’re used to commit a crime, than the person who’s guilty will be charged by the incident and on the weapon used as if it was the real item.

366 fps was introduced rather than the old the law of 457 fps. This means that the zone for airguns was increased allowing airsoft guns to be imported again.

Science time, why joules?

Joules, are the measured force of kinetic energy that is produced. Meaning that is the force a player will be hit with at the end of the muzzle. Objects lose kinetic energy as they’re airborne and thus they fall to the ground. This is why joules can be deemed the universal measurement for airsoft because there is more than one weight of bb, thus increasing the weight, changing the amount of kinetic energy that is maintained over distance because it’s hard to stop a heavy object when moving. I have included the most common weights of bb’s in this chart.

Clarifying the Chart

Now players can clearly see what joules are produced by certain combinations of bb weights and FPS. Most indoor fields will follow the same level of quality that is produced in Japan where the sport was born. Which is near 1 joule with a .20gram bb and the FPS range is (330 ~ 350 fps) This is more than acceptable, but requires technical modifications and without a clear body would make it a replica firearm. However most Canadian fields, have made changes to their restrictions because of this. Resulting in the the maximum indoor FPS to be used; which is 380 FPS with a 0.20gram bb or 1.34 Joules. Anything lower than this, is acceptable for play. This United States standards limit for indoor play.

Bbs tend to lose speed and joules deviate at longer ranges. As such airsoft players have found that bb blasters producing anything higher 400 FPS can be used so long as Minimum Engagement Distances are followed. (MED) on the chart.

Anything above 2.32 Joules is presently not allowed to be used on any field in Canada. As such it’s marked with a black cell and white numbers on the chart. This now should make it clear to players why certain bb combination and FPS have too much kinetic energy for play. This should explain how the chart works in regards to the legend that’s provided.

[Image: Joules%20Chart%20Canada.PNG]

Thank you and Happy airsofting. Smile

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