Ballahack 2017 Joule Chart and Explination
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Hey guys, I saw this video floating around on Airsoft Canada Facebook group and it's really interesting to share information overall between ever community.

By NO means does this declare the rules for Canadian Airsoft. Each rules segment is declared by owners of the field you play at.

To start it up, I want to share the new Chronograph chart for 2017. Now there is a mistake with it I already noticed with the 410 fps section there is a 2.81 joules section that's black. When the (550fps limit is allowed with a .20g bb at 75ft)

Keep in mind that 500 fps or greater than 5.7 joules is illegal in canada without a valid firearms license.

The chart and MED are explained in the video that fellows by Austin from the Ballahack team.

If you go to the main Ballahack website, it's an interesting rule change for their field. It actually brings back MMG power and gives them a purpose in the game. Which we haven't seen on fields since late 2006. I will also "quote" their rules, here as I break them down and explain them a bit.

[Image: ballahack-airsoft-joule-chart-842x1024.jpg]

Quote:Pistols / Shotguns: must be under 400 FPS w.20s or 1.49j

(-) ft MED on semi / 50 ft MED on Full)

SMGs / Rifles / LMGs: must be under 420 FPS w/.20s or 1.64 j

(25ft MED on semi / 50 ft MED on Full)

Qualifying DMRs (semi locked): must be under 450 FPS w/ .20s or 1.88j

(50ft MED)

Qualifying MMGs: must be under 450 FPS w/.20s or 1.88j

(75ft MED)

Bolt Action Sniper Rifles: must be under 550 FPS w/.20s or 2.81j

(75ft MED)


-(No weapon may shoot over 25 rounds per second)

So what does it all mean?

It means that pistols and shotguns are allowed to be used up close and personal. Assuming direct contact is bang bang. The idea is to support some minor authenticity.

SMG's, Rifles and LMG are still about doing what they do best which is showering bbs.

DMR's are specifically set up to be semi auto only lower range Sniper rifles. Meaning you want to support your team, being just behind them and no one wants to be in front of you.

MMG's are the exact same situation as DMR's you want to be just behind your team laying down cover fire so that they can advance and no one wants to be in front of you. However you can't move.

Consider that the compromise. You can be mobile with that much bb stability or you can be stationary and lay down fire. This allows fields to set up firing lines and controlled support deployments on their fields. It actually makes the game kind of interesting because similarly you want to support the MMG from rocket fire.

"If we actually had that Sick nerf foot ball launcher XD"

Finally Sniper rifles, it allows players to kit their rifles to more powerful springs, and use slightly high bbs weights for better shot stability but the cost means that you give up your MED of 50ft to 75ft.

Now I am in no way supporting it, but think about how it changes the game play a bit. It means snipers can no longer be up with their team unless they're rifle has the tape of a DMR. MMG are allowed on the field, but need to be deployed and can't engage on anything that's less than 75 ft away. Meaning like the bolt sniper rifles they want to get the maximum joules they can (MMG is 1.88j) and the highest rate of fire. While bolt action want to get (2.81 Joules) - or close to the best bb stability down range.

This actually breaks up the game play a lot and changes how people assault the old scenery and potions.

I find it's the most realist level of airsoft we have, but I support that this level of play isn't for everyone either. It's also something nice to aim for as a player when it comes to mil sims for those blasters under 500 fps.

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Several people have observed range difference between 400 and 500 fps is about 30 feet on the same trajectory of shot. get into better shooting position. That's literally fewer than 10 steps

People can't even get their fps right at 400 or 380 for indoor play. We catch violators all the time, this includes aeg, gas and hpa guns.

I have observed weather differences causing difference in fps of up to 15 fps

I have observed chrono inaccuracies up to 20 fps.

It's a pipe dream of a discussion trying to find roles for guns that otherwise would not have specific roles. It's the same ridiculous argument as 'why can't we have a dmr class' or the constant discussion as what qualifies as a support gun.

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I just think it's interesting that Ballahack has developed a class for mill sim. I am not asking for it by any means.

What I would like to see? Is indoor fields and CQB being more focused around Joules. It's easy to get a decent low FPS Spring and grab heavier bbs.

That's what I would like to see, not catching violators, but getting a package that builds a constant base for indoor fields. So players know this spring gives them this and heavier bbs get them up the cusp.

Take 335 fps for example. An average for broken in CO2 pistols, look at the joules produced form a 340 fps and a .25bb 1.34 Joules the indoor limit in our area.

Now consider V3 and V2 gear boxes and springs what will get players into the area for play? Well that's harder to say, because pistons are different V3 and V2 are different lengths "not much but it makes a small difference." Nozzles control the force directed on a bbs.

It's so much harder. What I would like to see is averages for unmodded and Modded. So you know "Hey my set up, with a lower spring will give me this much FPS and the goal being between 330 and 340 Right?"

Well, why not, as a player know, I can actually be between 280 and 380 FPS. Chrono my gun and know where it is exactly. Use the highest value as my upper deviation and build around that. To get close as I can to 1.34 joules. I can use a bb from 0.20g> Ɵ < 0.36g to get that close too. All of a sudden worrying about how much FPS my gun produces for lower springs. Doesn't really matter so long as you're under 380 and use the right BB.

That's what I am saying, limiting fields to a FPS with 0.20g bbs people will try to get the highest FPS. Limit a field to joules people will start looking at bb's and get a spring that just works to set the gun lower for CQB.

What FPS target do I actually like?

350 FPS.. Why? I go out and buy a 0.33 bb. All of a sudden I am hitting the upper limit of KE for a (MED of 30M) of 1.88 joules.

Which means I should be limiting my engagements. Outdoors that's what you want because with the wind by the time it gets to the player it's below 1.34 joules, but up close according to the FPS rules of fields. I am below 400 fps. So I don't need a MED.. Which means, chances are you will call you hits, cause it's going to hurt. I switch to a 0.25g all of a sudden I am in the clear for out doors 1.42 joules. No MED required.

So what's stopping me from using a .33 every 5 rounds? Nothing. That's where indoor and outdoor fields have missed the mark with FPS alone. Use a .20gram bb I am way below the minimum joule requirement. I am at 1.14.

With just bbs alone, I have gone from a sniper rifle pushing a MED of 30M, to a SMG spitting 0.20g's. That's why I love this chart, because now I know as a player I don't need a Quick Change Spring box. I can build one gear box to be from 330-350 fps and change my bbs. From indoor to out.

Still I own a QCS mechbox, because I want to store my gun as legal as possible. Far away from a replica and have the option to go much much lower, or yes, build an ACR "DMR" variant for a game, when that sniper isn't calling their hits. I like modularity and being able to fill the void in a squad. That gives me the option to play with more people on a serious level.

But is that fair to the sniper? I'll let you decided that and why Ballahack made classes based off rifles.

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SMG's to DMR's, oh how lovely, they all are. I like having options galore! Carbines, Assault rifles and LMG'S. These are few of my favorite things. Wink

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Everyone; I'll be back in the spring you can count on it.

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