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Of the lot <!-- m --><!-- m --> seems to have the best prices. Though in part thats because their guns dont include a battery or charger. Mind you it seems, for what ever reason, that most of these guns dont, regardless of the seller, where as the 'evil black' versions.. usually do.

So be ready to add a good chunk of change to the final price tag after you get a battery and charger (+ shipping).

I dont have a clue how well made the guns are from those guys, or what their service is like. I've heard alot of people bitch about the quality of the clear plastic, yet i've never seen any. And I've seen just as many people say the new ones are actually pretty solid. So it's a sort of buy at your own risk scenario I suppose.

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007 Airsoft has a great list of CO2 parts for the KJW series.

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