If an operable RIF is outside the definition of "airsoft gun" does it require a defe

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Hello Guys,

Speaking of single action and manufacturer semi auto airsoft guns only (and then only those designed to be within the PCA airsoft definition) which have hypothetically been modified for above 2.5J (the highest muzzle force permitted by PCA) at point of sale, which would enter the air gun/pistol/rifle category and become limited firearms.

Thus as firearms (speculatively unable to be classes as airsoft guns under that exception), their status as realistic imitations (since that VCRA definition does not require them to be actually imitating something) is to my mind in doubt.

If they are thus firearms - as being a firearm always supercedes being an imitation - such guns would not require a VCRA defence if sold face to face by the restrictions on airguns firing above 2.5J.


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