PCA 2017 and the APS CAM870 Shotgun

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Hello Guys,

Now whilst i'm aware that the PCA 2017 came into affect on 02-05-17 with it power limitations, definition of an Airsoft weapon, the Full auto and Semi/bolt stuff along with the confusion that has everyone plagued re HPA setups, i was wondering how this affects us CAM 870 users?
I only asked this as someone recently pointed out that the CAM 870 was now a designated S5 Firearm under the new rules, or has this always been the case.

For those that don't know the APS CAM 870 is designated as a shell ejecting airsoft shotgun model after the Remington 870, therefore the user must load each and every individual shell with gas (normally CO2 but one can use HPA), load said shell with a plastic wadding or cup, then loads 12 BBs and tops it off with a cardboard circle to hold the BBs in place.

The shell is loaded into the CAM 870 as you would any real steel shotgun, pump the shotgun and fire. This leads to the paper circle, 12BBs and plastic cup to fly out of the gun in one shot - like a real shotgun firing buckshot. Wheres the hop up you cry? Well there isn't any, this shotgun has a .68 inch diameter smooth bore barrel, whilst its designed to fire airsoft BBs it can fire .68 rubber baton rounds, .68 paintballs, nails, steel BBs basically anything you can fit into the Shell, you can shoot with varying degrees of sucess. The shell can contain around 800PSI of pressure of what ever gas you choose, I once watched a guy shoot the rubber baton rounds through this and got an estimated 32J of energy output.


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