Airsoft Gun Laws by State

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Hello guys,

I'm going to be James Bond for halloween and as part of my costume I have an airsoft PP7 with silencer (it's actually a replica P99). As required by federal law all imitation guns have an orange tip at the time of sale. However, there's nothing in federal law about covering up or removing the orange tip after the purchase of the gun -- this varies by state.

What I'm unsure of is whether I am legally allowed to have the tip be black in the state of Indiana. I realize it's a really bad idea in general to have a fake gun that looks real, but I think that I can make an exception for a halloween party, and I'm going to tell the cops that we have working our party that I have it and not to worry about it being real. What I need to know though is whether I can legally do it or not.

I tried searching google for things like "imitation guns indiana state law" and "airsoft law indiana" but couldn't come up with anything. I was hoping some of you might be able to help.


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