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Hello Guys,

AF-UK as some showed interest in what I was building to support used sales in airsoft (and with the issues over at UKARA). I started a thread to get feedback, suggestions, trolled and all over types of "don't waste your time". I believe it's time to start getting general feedback from the community so this thread will do so.

Backstory on PlayerCheck -
PlayerCheck was designed to be transparent and provide open information to everyone, it's owned by my company but is not a for-profit product. It's to complement and protect users. We had a few cases of users buying/selling items on our website underage, without a defence that same old stuff. UKARA only protects businesses and the used airsoft community is just as large if not larger. A way to freely validate everyone is missing or not available to everyone for free. I spoke with UKAPA Briefly before they broke communication because Matt left, and a few major used airsoft marketplaces. This was never designed to be a REPLACEMENT for current defences approved by the home office but to provide another way to check players. We would love to become a valid defence but don't see that coming for a few since we have to approach This slowly so we don't look like we are fighting internally as a sport/community/whatever.


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