GBBR/HPA New Law Issues?

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Hello Guys,

First off this is not meant to be a scaremongering doom and gloom thread, I just think it needs to be out there for everyone to know.

So an acquaintance of mine( who doesn't use the Internet- old fart) runs a M4 GBBR and a few accessories, and after purchasing a few bits online(new reg and a gas tube I believe) he got a visit from the police.

I should say this guy has been running HPA a lot longer than I have been playing airsoft, so he's pretty clued up.

He explained to the police, who were apparently very friendly, that the pieces were for an airsoft gun, that adheres to the 1.3J new law and is controlled via a regulator.

The police said they would have to take it away to test as they believe that it is over the legal limit of 1.3J. Knowing he wasn't, he said sure, they took it away and some time passed and he got a phone call, apparently the gun was registering a hell of a lot higher than 1.3j and they were seizing it and starting charges for class 5 ownership etc

So after going straight down the station, having a long ass discussion he found that to test the rifle the whack the regulator to maximum and test it on that, because that's what "it could fire at". He explained to a guy at the station that the regulator locks it off, he's been using it for years and the sites can vouch it's never been used overpower etc.


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