Transporting RIF's

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Hello Guys,

This will be a long read, so if you want to skip it all; you're fine as long as you have a reason that you can prove, and always comply fully with police commands; you don't want to end up like that Brazilian lad who got shot a few years back.

Now the long version:

The transportation of concealed airsoft replicas is perfectly legal provided you have a valid purpose/reason for transporting them. This can include many things; taking them somewhere to be repaired, taking them somewhere to skirmish etc, taking them somewhere for any legitimate and legal use. The key thing is that you must have some sort of reason.

It should be noted that you'll have to be able to in some way explain-away or prove your reason. My advice would be to let people at your destination know that you're coming (so pre-book skirmishes, ring any stores you're going to before you go, let people know how you'll be arriving) and keep any invoices/receipts/booking confirmations and a phone number for where you're going on you.


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