Op Bio-Hazard 2017, Petawawa, 14 Oct 17
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[Image: Biohazard%20-%20%28New%29.png.opt549x211...49x211.png]

Date - 09 Sept 2017 (Night time horror event)
Start times
- 7pm - registration
- 8pm - briefings
- 9pm - game start
End game, aprox 3-4 am Sunday.
Entry Fee - $40

(Open to all, tell your friends. The more the Better, for you... to SURVIVE...)

As a survivor you are challenge to survive when all the odds are against you. Only equipped with a flashlight, red glow stick, pistol or shotgun (with only 20 rounds starting) it is up to you to find more, how you find more is up to you. You are a survivor, abandoned by your government, left to die. You have no set rules to follow.
You will be place in a chaos filled environment with buildings, vehicles, Zombies, smoke, strobe lights and more...
Groups of 10-15 will be picked at random (to aid in the chaos) and transport out to the field to start the game.

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Soul Assasins will be there
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Would love to be the starting zombie again if possible

Who will survive and what will be left of them?
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Is it handguns only the entire match or is there's an Opportunity to find other weapons. What kind of things should we bring to this event
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Hey Arnold we are really interested in attending this year can we join as the Military or are you doing something different this year please let me know as we are also ready to sign up
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Biohazard date has been changed to 14 Oct 17.
- due to date conflicts.

See you all in Oct for biohazard.

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A few changes this year;
Allainaces will be a NPC on the field, Join this group, he will provide you with a weapon and ammo.
- This is to limit Rifles on the field and reports of HOT guns being used.

Zombie Safe Areas (orange snow fencing)
- This year will have Zombie Proof zones.
- For the Merchant to do sales and transactions safely.
- If Evoked a Hybrid may crash these zones.

Bio Hazard Rules
(each player will receive a copy game day)

In Bio-Hazard players are converted into zombies and there are no player repswans like normal airsoft games.

Only way to become a Zombie is by a solid two handed grab by a Zombie, Hybrid Zombie or the unknown. Then you are a Zombie for the rest of the game, unless someone takes you to the witch doctor to make you a protection spell (very hard).

Real Life Hit rule
When shot or Melee by anyone including Hybrid Zombies you will be badly wounded and will lose the ability to walk, you must craw until you are healed. Another player may help you get to a first aid point.
- First Aid points are orange barrels.

If you are shot in an arm, that arm is now disabled. If that’s your gun carrying arm, switch the rifle to the other arm.
If you are shot in both arms... sling your rifle, you now can’t shoot.
If you are shot in a leg, you’re limping
If you are shot in both legs, you’re crawling
If you’re shot in both arms and both legs you’re fucked! ... But not dead!
If you are shot in the Chest, Stomach, Back, or Head (by mistake), you are DEAD. Proceed to a respawn (Orange Barrel)
If you have been shot in an appendage, you may return to a respawn as a LIVE player to heal your wounds.

If you are dead and proceeding to respawn, keep your flashlight on at ALL times, throw on a kill rag/red glow stick, call yourself hit, and walk back. (Red glow sticks highly recommended)

Healing of players
There is only 2 ways a player can be healed in this game when shot or Melee.
1. By a doctor, who will be one of the survivors in the game. They will have to tie a white bandage on you to heal your wounds, which you will wear for the remaining game.
2. You must find a first aid point.
3. If your 2 handed grabbed by a zombie, you’re then a zombie for the rest of the game.

Close Engagements
with in 10ft of a player, or you feel it to close and unsafe to shoot.
- You must say BANG BANG and shoot rounds into the ground, thus using BBs.
- If the contested player does not respect this safety curtsy, shoot them.

Killed by a Zombie
Players who have been attacked and received a two handed grab by a zombie will become zombies themselves, they must pull out their red glow stick and report to the admin / make-up tent to be zombified and to mark their name off the list and note when they died.

Each survivor will have a playing card with their name on it as proof they where killed.
The Zombies with the most kills win. Each name will be entered in the main draw.

Killing a Zombie
They are slow, so you have time to aim, A shot mid body will stun a zombie and they will go down for 30 seconds (they will count this aloud).but when wounded they can gain speed and can run/ lunge 10-15 feet. NO HEAD SHOTS.
To melee a zombie there must be a 3 taps of a melees weapon for a kill on a zombie.

When some Zombies are killed they may drop something of interest or value, item will be marked with a glow stick.
- Dead zombies will retreat 100 meters in any direction to respawn.

Hybrid Zombies
They can run (WHEN SHOT) and use Melee weapons, they do however avoid a type of light, flash lights don’t count and only piss them off.
Each Hybrid Zombie will have a weakness, this will be different for each Hybrid and hints will be given on what their weaknesses are. If shot in this spot or their weakness exposed they will be stunned for 60 seconds and unable to move, counting out aloud.

What we know:
Hybrids are fast.
They hunt in packs and tend to ambush small groups or lone wanderers.
They have shown signs of the ability to communicate.
They avoid a type of light at all costs
Flash lights don’t produce enough light on their own to noticeably affect them
A well placed bullet will bring one to its knees. Exact location on the Hybrid is unknown, but it has been witnessed to have happened.

Hybrids can wound and only turn survivors into zombies if they decide to grab them with 2 hands.

Each player will receive a package when they register. They will be given a simple mission or task to complete. Once they complete their task with proof or a trophy show they completed their mission and survived, then they qualify to win and their name will be entered in the main draw.
Players hiding and not completing their missions will receive no bonuses or points.
If first mission is completed, return to the Admin tent for a new mission. Meaning you can receive more points.

As a survivor you have the choice to join a group or not. These groups have better weapons and more ammo to protect you and you can gain more points helping the alliance of your choice complete their mission. You can leave any alliance when you want, but beware of the consequences.

Automatic Fire
At no time will any weapon fire full Auto, Semi shots only. This is for safety and to help you manage your ammo shortage.

No Tactical flashlights, NO LAZERs due to safety. Cheap Dollar Store lights and Head lamps only.

Robbing or stealing items from a player
To take items from a player they will have to be wounded by being shot or meleed. Touch the players for 10 second and tell them you are robbing them.
PERSONAL KIT OR GEAR CAN NOT BE TAKEN only game items can be taken ie:
- flashlights,
- Bio-Hazard money,
- BBs (if loaded into a gun or magazines, have the owner unload them) and
- Items of interest found on the field, including some weapons.

Cannot be killed or robbed.
- They may have what you are looking for to complete your mission…
- You can sell items to them that you do not need for ammo or money to trade with other players or characters.
- They may have weapons to sell.
- They have information for the right price…

Alliances and How They Work.

Each Alliance has their own set of objectives and their own RESPAWN point. These objectives may put them in direct conflict with another team, or may be completely independent from all other players in the game.
It is up to the survivors to make their own choice as to which Alliance they join or not.
- Alliances leader will be a NPC, when players join the alliance they will be given a rifle and ammo. Then NPC will only have 2 weapons.

Each Alliance will have its own set of objectives and as the survivors join an alliance, those objectives become the survivor’s objectives as well. If the Alliance completes their overall objectives, every survivor (still alive) with that Alliance gets the points as well. If you leave an Alliance, you will not get credit for the objectives completed by that Alliance.

Each Alliance will have their own 'base', where they stash any supplies they have found throughout the game. (Be it part of an objective or not). This base also acts as the Alliances RESPAWN point. Respawning will be explained further on (but really isn’t much different from standard airsoft rules).

Survivor’s Player package
Survivor will receive a Character Card. This is a simple system devised to make every player on the field unique. These cards will be handed out to each player before the game and gives a brief description of who they were and what they want to accomplish during the game. If the player accomplished these objectives, they are awarded extra points at the end of the game. These points will be turned in for raffle tickets, 5 points for 1 ticket.

If first mission is completed, return to the Admin tent for a new mission. Meaning you can receive more points this year.

[Image: petawawa%20airsoft%20peace%20by%20fire%2...nger_1.jpg]
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