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I had a question regarding the import of a specific rifle from Evike.com...

I've been eyeing the WE M14 EBR GBB for oh so long now and all the Canadian retailers I've called either don't carry it, won't special order it or tell me their suppliers are backordered for them...Evike.com does have it in stock and I'm fully aware of the 366 fps law and the site states that it does 360-400 fps OOTB.

I was simply wondering if you guys had any idea if it would get seized for not being clear and being a full metal replica and on top of that if anyone has had successful imports from Evike or the states in general when it comes to GBBR's.

I will be contacting a customs office sometime next week but I'm not sure I will get all the answers I'm looking for.

Link: http://www.evike.com/products/33568/

thanks for reading.
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it really falls to the discretion of the importing agent at time of entry. Folks have had success bringing guns in that fall in the correct range, they've also had guns held for testing. It's still a gamble any which way you look at it. The odds are good even with all the paperwork, but if you want to risk being that unlucky guy that gets the agent on a bad day, you might be out some money. I've heard bsquared out in edmonton will help people bring guns in through their suppliers, but they generally don't stock WE, but you could ask them anyways. There's been a bunch of new vendors pop up the last couple years that are willing to help people bring in harder to get stuff.

I mean if you have 700 US kicking around that you're willing to gamble, plus 5% duty and 13% hst plus whatever carrier fee is charged on top of the exchange rate being really bad right now (whatever transaction fee your credit card will charge you for foreign currency exchange plus market rate), you're probably looking at closer to 1100-1200$ by the time it gets into your hands, so it's not like trying bring in a 200$ cyma gun. If it were my money, I wouldn't risk it. No airsoft gun is that much of a need or want to potentially lose 1200 bucks.

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