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@lurkingknight - You must be a gun doc !

When it comes to gadgets and other stuff - I am like you too. When I choose my gadgets and stuff - I always research what can be modified software and hardware wise. I don't remember owning a console that was modded or owning a cellphone that had a custom firmware.

Back to Airsoft Smile
Three options :
1) Buy a VFC and call it a day and wait for something to break
2) Buy a decent gun in the mid 250 to 350 range - perhaps get the hop up and barrel replaced out of the box
3) Buy a starter gun - send it to lurkingknight Smile (or any other gun doctor in the area) to get parts swapped and changed.

If the Vets have any suggestions for specific guns .. please chime in
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My personal opinion is if you're not planning to rent and try things out first, but want to get into the game right away, buy a mid range rifle with some nice furniture that will take a beating. Play with it until the gearbox fails. Upgrade it when it fails. Save for a more expensive rifle and start building your collection if you like this crazy sport.

I have an Amoeba AM-013 which I've run stock(minus changing the battery adaptor to deans) for 2 years. It's the most solid stock rifle I've ever owned. This is unusual for a stock rifle. As soon as it fails, and it will, I will upgrade the internals and continue with the fun. I do have the luxury of using another rifle if it does fail so a backup rifle should be in the cards for the future.

So that's my thoughts. Play and abuse the internals of a midrange gun and then replace the internals for a beast. You can always do that ahead of time too but then you just threw out internals that probably would have served you for some time.
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I see your point. I looked around at different sites for guns and prices. When you say midrange is 250 to 350 considered mid or is that considered starter price range.

I will get a rail if the gun doesn't come with one. I also wish to put in a red dot optics. I am keeping aside 250 to 350 for gears and bdu related stuff

Once again thanks for the input. I know I will like this game. I don't have to rent to find that out. One of the vets from Toronto told me it's good to rent out equipment and find out what is good for you. However the faster you marry a gun - the more you save on rental fees - apparently he knew someone who had played regularly for a year and rented out guns from the field and tried all possible one he could get a hand on. In the end, he got the gun he liked best (after 27 visits to different field, renting 27 different guns)

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naa.. buy a gun, run it till it breaks. then bring it to me. lol. Get your money's worth out of it. Almost every mid range to premium gun should be competitive out of the box. Hell even cheap guns should be competitive out of the box if they're a good gun (cyma AKs come to mind)

A hop up unit does not have to be changed if it's functioning as normal. meaning its not broken, it seals properly (or can be made to seal) If the hop up arm holds adjustment and if the arm lowers the nub evenly into the window, there's no reason to change it. In fact, that's where weird manufacturing tolerances again come into effect. Some units work better in other guns and some don't work at all. VFCs for example usually don't like the prowin. They have feeding issues.

ICS m4 hopups are junk though, they will shatter if you look at them wrong. Find the ics metal one if you must have an ics. Also ics hopup units are proprietary. standard v2s don't work, I don't care what anyone says about dremeling it. Pay 40$ for the ics metal unit or pay 20 for a v2 unit and then 2 hours of dremeling the receivers and unit to get it to fit and still have feeding or air seal issues.

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