Indoor shooting
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Do the bylaws in the city of Ottawa prevent you from shooting inside your house? To me there is zero public risk of me shooting a plastic pellet inside my basement. There is no way a pellet will be able to escape the confines of my house and in no way would be visible or audible to the public. If you take the bylaw litterally it would apply to NERF guns that are sold in toy stores or kids rubber plunger guns, etc. I mean you go to an Airsoft facility to shoot these at each other how can that be some how safter than shooting at a paper target. If this is not allowed what is the potential fine be. Has anyone in the province been arrested for shooting Airsoft in their own basement?
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The technical short answer is you can't...

The common City by-laws regarding the use of a Airsoft weapon have those section;
-Can't use within 150 metres of any building.
-Can't use within 50 metres of any improved street.
-Can't use on any property owned by the municipality.

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I know I've shot tons in the house/garage for whatever reason (usually to test something out) and as long as you're smart about it you're fine. Essentially use common sense; don't go waving it around in the window, don't go full auto in the middle of the night and wake up the neighbors, Don't tell the neighbors that you have airsoft guns because that can be misinterpreted and cause trouboe, and so on. Hell I shoot my gun in my backyard, and I live in a townhouse in a very residential area.
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I want to specify something. Basically you're safe until someone think's it's real or is there to report you.

My advice shoot in your basement if possible and make sure no one can see it when in public.

If you're comfortable with your neighbors explain the situation and what it actually is. Remember that those unaware will think of it to be the real deal.

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