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Long time paintballer, had looked into airsoft way back in 2008 when I joined ASC to recon the situation. Decided back then it was too much trouble to acquire guns and find fields. Seven years later, seems like the sport is much more accessible around the Ottawa area and across Canada. Impressive! I also see a number of familiar faces from pb have made it here.

In terms of equipment, seems like things over in the airsoft world is a whole lot more complicated! AEG (and the different batteries!), CO2+oil, green, duster, propane+oil, HPA...oh my! Noob question, does one need to consider having multiple platforms on tap in order to make field FPS as it may not be so easy to easily dial in FPS? Paintball which is a simple twist of a velocity adjust but I'm getting the feeling such a simplistic option does not exist in the airsoft world...

Anyhoo, given their proximity to downtown Ottawa, hoping to drop by OHP, Siloki and/or Red Devils soon to give it a try.
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Welcome! The HPA guns' velocity would work as you mentioned (tweakable), but the green gas guns are never a problem velocity wise unless you've modified them to shoot hot for the most part. CO2 gus can be a bit fast but just note the velocity of a gun before you buy it and make sure it is below the field limit where you intend to play. It's really nothing to worry too much about as 90% of guns will be fine out of the box. More experienced members can explain further.
Have fun!
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Welcome to OVA!
Do you still have yout PB equip (air bottle/lines/etc) ? If yes you may want to look into hpa guns like the tippman. Once you make it out to a field seek out an hpa dude and checkout his rig. Cheers!

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Welcome to the family.

1/2 of my team (Warmongers) run the Wolverine SMP kits.

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