Change to Airgun Laws in Canada - Nov 5 2014
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(11-14-2014 11:03 PM)Connor Wrote:  *i apologize this had to be done using a photo, I simply don't have a scanner at home that can do legal sized pages* so this will have to do until I get a better res version posted.
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Although this is still bad news for us since it's now a topic of public discussion, Memphis is absolutely right in the sense that the NFA took one statement as the official meaning that airguns of a specific velocity potential are now to be transported and stored as firearms, and ran wild with it.

Until it becomes law (which would take at least a year) it's still the old rules.

Most likely a government statement will be issued soon to clarify this mess as a result of the NFA announcement.
A lot of people own airguns in this country, somewhere in the 7-digits I'm sure. I really hope it doesn't spark a huge public debate about the subject, because that is what gets the ball rolling for the actual laws to get passed.

*im deleting the safe storage statements in my previous post, as to not cause unneeded stress for people.
This is also the last time I listen to anything the NFA has to say, really bad form on their part... Unsubscribed, unliked, unfollowed.

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